Education to each person.

Mission Statement of “S.T. Severin’s High School”.

  1. After having an intensive and productive discussion with teachers, students and their parents our school has taken a strict resolution for the following mission statement: modern technological gadgets for their whole and sole development. With these skills their extracurricular activities will be also improved.” “By 2020 the school will develop speaking skills of all the students and arrange some.
  2. Many teachers have realized some lacks of high-tech gadgets like “Smart Class” in each class and have suggested the following mission statement: the students in the field of computer and electronic. Such facilities may improve the technical skill of the students.” “Within three years the school will fulfill various learning resources to hone the talent of
  3. Some of our decision making bodies of our school like secretary, Director and Principal have considered the following statement extremely effective and futuristic: atmosphere within its premises following the true and sincere steps exhibited by our Hon. PM Narendra Modi. Each student will be inspected and motivated to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.” “In the next five years the school will try to achieve the complete hygienic and healthy
  4. To bring out the ultimate core motto of the school our panel of experts have designed the following mission statement.

  5. Final Mission Statement

    “Our school will have the target to increase the enrolment of the maximum number of students from the each and every corner of the remote section of our society whether they are poor and down trodden and impart good education to make them self - reliant and self - dependent.”

  6. Some science teachers and also the experts of humanities have suggested the following mission statement: Exhibition” to create awareness among the student and their parents and guardians about the development of science and technology as well as environmental protection. The Guardians of remote areas are encouraged to join the exhibition and take keen interest at various activities of the students. “Within five years the target of our school id to conduct each and every year “A science
  7. Seeing and feeling the continuous degradation of natural habitats and the imbalance of mother earth our school has suggested the following mission statements: participation of teachers and students have come to protect the environment by tree plantation and reducing the quantity of carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere. “ “To run a large scale campaign to plantation and go-green movements in our school the
  8. Some science and environmental experts of our school have given the following opinion of mission statement: cultivation like potatoes, rice, wheat and vegetables. In this programme some agriculture scientists of nearby organization will be called to help the students. Besides these the knowledge of water-conservation will also be shared with students by the concerned experts of water resource management department as it has become a great international problem of recent times. Other than the fields and outside of it the plantation has been done widely and extensively to protect the environment lessen the carbon dioxide in the environment. By 2020 all the students will be encouraged to get the knowledge of various kinds of